#BBNaija 2018 Day 64: Khloe Returns As Head Of House

#BBNaija 2018 Day 64: Khloe Returns As Head Of House

For this week’s Head of House Challenge, Biggie introduced a twist that brought the inner kids in all of the remaining Nine #bbnaija housemates.

In line with the season of Easter, the #bbnaija Housemates that were legible for the Head of House hunt were given buckets to collect chocolate eggs, plastic eggs and chocolate bunnies. The trio of Rico Swavey, Alex and Cee-C, were excused from the hunt due to the fact that they fouled during their Minimie box Task.

Tchey however still participated as they were handed baskets and could only collect chocolate bunnies. Khloe was the Housemate that had luck to her hop and she ended up unwrapping the golden Head of House egg.

Despite the fact that the #bbnaija Housemates pulled some cheating stunts and walked at some point, the hopping catch definitely brought the fun back into the House. They exhausted all the finds and as per the instructions, the Housemates gathered in the lounge and opened their treats.

Miracle was the first #bbnaija Housemate to open and he found an egg, enclosed was a message instructing him to swop buckets with the person directly opposite him and that happened to be Nina.

Tobi was instructed to eat 3 chocolate eggs while Lolu was instructed to tell an Easter Bunny story. There were more egg exchanges and fun instructions but as the unwrapping continued, Khloe was the lucky hunter and HoH was her portion.

The other #bbnaija Housemates were clearly not impressed as there was zero applauding but for returnee Khloe and whichever Housemates thought her Save and Replace mercies would fall on their lap, this meant a guaranteed stay and a break from possible Eviction battle.

However, In line with Biggie’s recently adopted tradition, Head of House Khloe is still to choose a Chance Card and that might just change her fate. How her reign will affect her counterparts and further intensify the Game will only be revealed with time.

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  1. Khloe should instead be hoping that her daughter is happy with herself the way she is and will never get injections or liposuction or implants or plastic surgery. And that her daughter gets a real education so she can have choices far beyond her parents’ choices. Khloe has a functioning brain but is seriously undereducated and depends on her awful mother to get her jobs, but then so often messes it up because she refuses to learn what she needs to learn. She just floats aimlessly and will be lost without her mother directing her. She actually seems to have regressed the last few years. I always thought Khloe would make a good mother if she had the opportunity. But I’m not so sure now. The way she talks about this child is a tad bizarre. I hope she doesn’t transfer all her insecurities about her body and her hunger for the camera to that little girl. Report this comment as spam or abuse


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